Best Android File Manager Which you Should Try

Android File Managers are defined new methods to manage your files and search them easily in anytime. They actually have the amazing features to create amazing folders, cut copy features, sorting features and many more. Apart from that the new look of Android File Managers even they arrange the files very well and background theme of those file managers are managed very well. These file managers will automatically creates the folder of the new browser app where you share the files and download the files.


Apart from that it even creates the files like Whatsapp I mean all apps those used to share media files. Even it creates files for apps like Bluetooth, Shareit, and many more. So, that’s the quick introduction of File Managing apps. So, here we are sharing the apps those helps you to manage files with great features. So, here we share the apps those have even more great features than above mentioned features. Here we have researched some of the best android apps those helps you to manage your files, do shortcuts and many more features. Now here we go through the list where you can find the features of the apps in their respective description.

Top Best File Manager for Android


So, here we have the best list of File Manager Apps for Android. You can look at the features, work method and many more features of the app in the given list.

ES File Explorer

Every Android user will go with this amazing app as it provides great features. As usual this app also helps you to manage files, images, video and many more things but this app has even more great features like killing unnecessary apps, managing files with cloud storages and even more features. Even it has FTP client which helps you to manage your files easily on online with unlimited file storage. This app even helps you to compressing and extracting RAR, ZIP files easily.

Solid Explorer

As the name says it’s definitely a powerful and solid file explorer app for Android Phones. This app helps you to extract the ZIP and RAR files easily even they are locked or encrypted. So, even it helps with most advanced features like changing the sources files, editing the files, renaming them and many more root exploring features. It can easily manage your files and sort them in category manner like as in default android file manager.

Root Explorer

If you have rooted android phone, then you must try out this root explorer app. This app can work perfectly on most of the android devices, It can perform root tasks. This app can edit system files like build prop and do many other things. This app can be used for install system app, like copying apk file directly to /system/app folder will make any app system app once you restart your phone. and there are many more features included in this app. Thus app supports multiple tabs, so copy/paste files is became way much easier than before.

Download Root Explorer

Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer is new android app comes with amazing features. This app is used mostly due to its size. It requires very small size of Ram and space in your Android device. You can easily select more than 30 files using this file managing app and even cut copy and paste those files. Apart from that you can even create folders, rename the files, share the files and many more features.

Xplore File Manager

Xplore File Manger helps you to explore the files and even helps you to manage the files. Apart from that even you can make cut, copy paste, renaming, folder creating and many more things using this amazing app. Then there are most advanced features like sharing the files with Wi-Fi using this app, even have the access with cloud storage drivers and easily manage the source file of apps.

Astro file Manager

The new name in rising in the Android Market to manage the files and it is called as Astro File Manager. This app built of with premium features like managing both cloud storage and Android Manager at a time in the same file. This app helps you to quick access of folders in your Android Phone. Apart from that it even helps you to kill the apps and managing the apps.